EID 100 – WK5: Google Search

Searching Google using the correct syntax:

– How to search for an exact word or phrase:
“message in a bottle”
– How to search for something on a specific site:
chivalrous site:thesaurus.com
– How to correctly search for a definition:
define: bona fide
– How to search for a specific product available within a specific price range:
geforce 2gb $50..$100
– How to search for a specific filetype:
oki c110 user guide filetype:pdf
– How to include or ignore words in your search:
“free weaving pattern” -swedish
– How to find related pages:
– How to find a topic, searching all available synonyms of a word
personal ~security
– How to find the time in another country:
time scotland
– How to get a definition for a word:
define: argot

About AMK @ Ryerson

In the past, I was the experienced IT admin and troubleshooter, but the new me is going to be a creative analyst for sustainable solutions (maybe!).
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